Windows VMs Will Not Shut Down

Microsoft Windows Virtual Machines (VMs) do not shut down when the shutdown command is issued from the ThinkAgile CP Cloud Controller Management Portal.

This issue can be caused when the default Windows Power Plan is set to Balanced. These settings are specifically designed for physical machines and they may be irrelevant or even harmful for virtual machines. Switching the Windows Power Plan to High Performance and setting the Turn off the display option to Never addresses this issue.

To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

  1. Go to: Settings > Power and Sleep > Additional Power Settings.
  2. Select the High Performance radio button.
  3. Click on theChange Plan Settings link.
  4. From the Turn off the display drop-down menu, select Never.
  5. Check that the current settings reflect the correct Power Plan by clicking the Change advanced power settingslink.
    1. In the Power Options dialog box, Hard Disk > Turn off hard disk after, ensure that the Setting (Minutes) option is set to 0.
    2. Ensure that USB Settings > USB selective suspend setting is set toDisabled.


If you prepare your own Windows templates, it is important to note that the Windows Power Settings are reset to Balanced when running sysprep. As such, you need to set the power plan for newly deployed machines.