Workaround 2

This section covers the second workaround procedure for when disks go offline after adding a vNIC.

To bring offline disks back online, follow these steps:

  1. Run command shell as administrator.
  2. In the command shell, execute the following command to start the Disk Partition application:


  3. In the Disk Partition application, execute the following command:


  4. Check the command output for the following message:

    SAN Policy : Offline Shared

    If the message is present in the command output, then execute the following commands:

    1. san policy=OnlineAll
    2. list disk
    3. For each offline disk, execute the following commands separately:
      1. select disk X, where X is the disk number as displayed by the list disk command.

        For example: select disk 1

      2. attributes disk clear readonly

      3. online disk

All the disks remain online even after adding new vNICs.