What is new in Version 5.1.5

ThinkAgile CP, version 5.1.5, is an over-the-air upgrade, which is available for all existing ThinkAgile CP customers after November 13, 2020. The following fixes and enhancements are included in version 5.1.5 of ThinkAgile CP.

Additional hardware support



  • Fixed an issue where Enable Support Mode was greyed out if the secondary Interconnect switch is not reachable. If any interconnect switch is reachable, the user can enable Support Mode, which is required to allow Lenovo Support to access the stack.

    For more information about Support Mode, see the following topic:

    Managing Support Mode

Software enhancements

Function Description
Backup and disaster recovery

Introduced a new and enhanced user experience for Local Snapshot and DR Snapshot functionality for a VM/Application instance. Following are the changes:

  • The Local Snapshots and DR Snapshots tabs have been merged into the Backups tab.

  • Local Snapshots are renamed to local backups and DR Snapshots are renamed to quick DR backups.

  • Quick DR backups are backed up to a secondary storage pool assigned to the virtual datacenter (VDC). You can specify the location of the secondary storage pool and the number of backups to retain. A backup is copied to the secondary storage pool when a local backup (either automatic or manual) is created.

  • A new single wizard is introduced. It enables:
    • First time configuration of local, quick DR and external1 backups

    • Creation and modification of backup interval2 and retention policy2.

    • Selection of storage pool for quick DR backups.

    1. The capability to perform external backups is not functional for this release.

    2. Configurable values and options for Retention Policy and Backup Interval are updated for the 5.1.5 release. Some of the older release options are no longer available. Automatic Local Snapshot and Retention Policy configuration from older releases, if not supported, will not reflect on the ThinkAgile CP Cloud Controller (portal) but the old settings will continue to work until you update them to the new settings.

    For more information about local backups or quick DR backups, see the following topics:
Ansible integration with ThinkAgile CP
Updates were made to the following modules:
  • tacp_instance
    • Work with vDisks

    • Work with vNICs

    • Update the boot order for an instance

    For more information about this module, see the following topic:

    Ansible Modules: tacp_instance

  • tacp_datacenter
    • Enable or disable the Chat Support Widget

    • Assign migration zones and allocate CPU cores and memory resources

    • Assign storage pools and allocate storage resources

    • Assign networks

    For more information about this module, see the following topic:

    Ansible Modules: tacp_datacenter


Function Description
Backup and disaster recovery
On the Backups tab for a VM instance, you will see the following options:
Screen capture of the Backups tab for an application instance

The capability to perform external backups was not function in Release 5.1.5. However, it has been added to Release 5.1.6.


Application instances cannot be deleted using the REST API call. Instead, an internal server error is returned.

To delete an application, use the ThinkAgile CP Cloud Controller. For more information about deleting an application, see the following topic:

Manage application instances.

New Service Offerings