What is new in Version 5.1.3

ThinkAgile CP, version 5.1.3, is an over-the-air upgrade, which is available for all existing ThinkAgile CP customers after August 24, 2020. The following fixes and enhancements are included in version 5.1.3 of ThinkAgile CP.

Additional hardware support



  • Added instructions to the README for setting the \$ANSIBLE_MODULE_UTILS environment variable when retrieving the ThinkAgile CP Ansible modules from the GIT repository.

  • Fixed an issue with the Ansible module tacp_datacenter in which adding a VNIC to an existing VM has no effect.

Software enhancements

Function Description
Use the Lenovo Cloud Marketplace

A new template, OCP Bastion Template, has been added to the ThinkAgile CP markeplace. This template enables users to create Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) clusters in ThinkAgile CP.

Enhanced Ansible automation

Added new functionality to the Ansible automation available with ThinkAgile CP. The module tacp_datacenter has been added to enable the creation of a new VDC and the importation of application templates.

ThinkAgile CP Web Services API

Added support for Changed Block Tracking (CBT) Web Services API, which determines changed blocks between two reference snapshots


Added support for the high availability of the DHCP server running on the primary interconnect switch. With this release, a second DHCP server runs on the secondary interconnect switch. In the normal state, the DHCP server on the primary interconnect switch responds to DHCP requests and synchronizes the DHCP lease file (hypervisor IP addresses) with the secondary interconnect switch.

New Service Offerings

Lenovo TruScale Infrastructure Services

Enabled the acquisition of ThinkAgile CP through Lenovo TruScale Infrastructure Services, which provides customers with a subscription-based, “pay-for-what-you-use data center” solution.

For more information about Lenovo TruScale, see the following website: