What is new in Version 5.0.3

The following fixes and enhancements are included in version 5.0.3 of ThinkAgile CP.

  • Logging in to the ThinkAgile CP Cloud Controller (portal) requires 2-factor authentication; users enter a security code and a password. With this release, users can request that the security code be sent through email as an alternative to OTP SMS to the user’s mobile phone number.

    For more information about email-based authentication, see the following topic:

    ThinkAgile CP Security Features

  • From any page in the ThinkAgile CP Cloud Controller, a user can select the Chat button to connect directly with Lenovo Support. With this release, customers now have the ability to remove the Chat functionality for the following user roles:
    • VDC Manager

    • VDC Viewer

    By default, the Chat button will be hidden from these user roles.

    For more information about the Chat functionality, see the following topic:

    Enabling the chat support widget