View the dashboard

The Dashboard shows a list of current reports in the Metering Manager. Follow these steps to view the Metering Manager Dashboard.

  1. Click Dashboard in the top navigation menu.
    Figure 1. Click Dashboard

    The Dashboard shows a list of all reports currently available.

    Figure 2. Metering Manager Dashboard

  2. In the Search field, you can enter text and click Search to search the list of reports.
  3. Under Filter, you can filter the list of reports by selecting one of the following filters:
    • Scheduled time interval – All, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Manual (if you configured a manual time interval)

    • Output type – Select All, local database or email

    • Report type – Select All, Summary or Detail

    • Data Center – Select a specific Virtual Data Center to view reports for applications in that data center

  4. Select a report in the list to view and change report details.