View templates

ThinkAgile CP has three types of template repositories.

  • The Lenovo Cloud Marketplace. All users have access to the Lenovo Cloud Marketplace. However, you must be logged in as an infrastructure admin user or a VDC manager user to download templates.

    Figure 1. Lenovo Cloud Marketplace
    Screen capture showing the Application Marketplace
  • The template store for the organization, which is a repository of templates accessible to anyone in a given organization, irrespective of the storage pool in which they are stored (they are copied over to the local storage pool as needed).

    In the left navigation, click Applications > Organization Templates in the left navigation to view the templates.


    VDC manager users and VDC viewer users click Organization > Organization Templates.

    Figure 2. Organization Templates store
    Screen capture showing the Organization Templates store
  • An individual template store for each virtual datacenter. Templates are stored only in the storage pools that are allocated to that virtual datacenter.

    In the left navigation, click a VDC and then click VDC Templates to view the templates.

    Figure 3. VDC Templates store
    Screen capture showing the VDC Templates page