View application instance details

Infrastructure admin and infrastructure viewer users can view details about all instances associated with an organization. VDC manager and VDC viewer users can view details about the instances associated with the VDCs to which they have access.

Complete the following steps to view details about an application instance:

  1. Log in to the ThinkAgile CP Cloud Controller.
  2. Complete one of the following steps, depending on your user role:
    • If you are logged in as an infrastructure admin or infrastructure viewer user, expand Applications and click All Instances.

    • If you are a VDC manager or a VDC viewer user, expand Organization and click All Instances.

  3. On the Application Instances page, click the instance for which you want to view details.

The details page for the application instance is displayed.,

Figure 1. Application instance details
Screen capture showing details about an instance

The page contains multiple tabs to provide detailed information. For more information about the details, see the following topics: