View All Networks

To view your networks in ThinkAgile CP Cloud Controller, under Networks in the left navigation area, click Networks. The Networks page opens, displaying a list of all VLANs and VNETs in your ThinkAgile CP Cloud Controller infrastructure

Figure 1. Networks page in ThinkAgile CP Cloud Controller

  1. You can view the following information in the list of networks.

    You can click the Name column heading to sort the list alphabetically by Name or you can click the Type heading to sort the list by network type.

    Column Description

    Lists the name of the network. You can click the name to drill down to view details for this specific network.


    The type of network, as either VNET or VLAN.

    NFV Instance

    If the network type is VNET and has an NFV instance, it will be appear here. You can click the name of the NFV instance to drill down to view details for the instance. You can also view the state of the NFV instance, which is represented by an icon. For a description of the state icon meanings, see the following topic:

    View all instances


    For VNET network types, this column lists the IP, Netmask, and Gateway details. Hover the mouse over the information icon to view netmask and gateway.

    For VLAN network types, this column lists the VLAN Tag (ID) and stack.

    Virtual Datacenter

    The number of virtual datacenters that have permission to use the selected network.

  2. You can click New Network to create a new VNET (VNET Overview) or VLAN.
  3. In this column, you can click the ellipsis (...) to access the Actions menu, for example, to edit network settings or delete the network. For more information about the actions you can perform on networks, see the topic, Manage networks.
  4. (For VNETs) Click Show Details to view the IP ranges for which you should configure your core router.

    For VNETs to work successfully in infrastructures without BGP, your core router must be configured to recognize the IP addresses in each virtual network. For more information, see the topic, Configure the core router.