ThinkAgile CP Overview

This product overview provides technical information on the Lenovo ThinkAgile CP Series cloud platform, its key features and specifications, components and options, and configuration guidelines.

Lenovo ThinkAgile CP Series is an all-in-one, composable cloud with an integrated application marketplace (Lenovo Cloud Marketplace) and end-to-end automation, delivering a turn-key cloud experience in your own data center. The ThinkAgile CP Series uses modular compute, storage, and networking components paired with the cloud virtualization software to create pools of IT resources, independently scaling and allocating capacity, and automatically configuring resources to fulfill application requirements.

Due to its software-defined modular architecture, the ThinkAgile CP Series platform can be scaled easily by adding more compute and storage resources independently of each other as your needs grow. Suggested workloads for the ThinkAgile CP Series include web services, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), enterprise applications, OLTP and OLAP databases, data analytics, application development, cost-optimized virtualization, containers, and other back-office applications.

Key Features

Lenovo ThinkAgile CP Series offers the following key features:


The ThinkAgile CP Series consists of the following components: