Create a local backup manually

When an application instance is first created, a manual backup of that instance is created. However, you can choose to create additional backups manually.

Complete the following steps to create a local backup manually:

  1. Log in to the ThinkAgile CP Cloud Controller as an infrastructure admin or VDC manager user.
  2. Navigate to the details page for your application instance, and click the Backups tab.
  3. Click Back Up Now.
    Figure 1. Back Up Now button
    Screen capture showing the Back Up Now button
  4. Enter a name for the backup. This name must be unique across all backups for this instance.
  5. Click Backup.
    Figure 2. Backing Up dialog
    Screen capture showing the Backing Up dialog

The backup is displayed in the Backups list.

Note: Manual backups are not affected by the retention period selected for automatic backups, if configured. Manual backups must be deleted manually.
Figure 3. Backups list with manual backup added
Screen capture showing the Backing Up dialog