Shutting off a storage controller

This procedure describes how to shut off a storage controller.

Procedure performed by: Solution administrator, or ThinkAgile Advantage Support (optional, via Support Mode).

Execution: On hardware

Storage controllers must be shut off in the storage controller itself, not in the Cloud Controller. To connect to the OS running on the storage controller, connect your laptop to the storage controller and use the Hardware Console available on the storage controller action menu in the Cloud Controller.

While connecting to the storage controller, enter the username manager and the password set during installation. If you have forgotten the password, reset it in the Cloud Controller.


Shutting off a passive storage controller is non-disruptive, but shutting down the active storage controller disconnects all exported drives for the VMs. If you are shutting down the active storage controller, either:

After a successful sign-in, execute the following commands to shut down the storage controller at the node-level OS:

> sudo /usr/bin/tacp-storage-controller-safe-stop> sudo shutdown -h now

When you initiate shutoff of the entire storage block, the Cloud Controller lists the VMs that have disks exported to the storage block.

At this point, the shut-down storage controller can be pulled and serviced.