VDC Manager

The VDC manager users have permissions to consume resources of virtual data centers that have been assigned to them.

A user can be assigned the role of a VDC manager for multiple virtual datacenters. Users in this role are self-sufficient from an application deployment perspective, as long as their utilization is within the allocations of the virtual datacenter.


Virtual datacenter templates are not counted towards this utilization. If the user runs out of resources allocated to the virtual datacenter, the user should contact the infrastructure admin user because allocations of a virtual datacenter can only be modified by the infrastructure admin role.

Specifically, this role has the following capabilities:

  • This role cannot view infrastructure admin or infrastructure viewer users.

  • Although this role will not see a list of all infrastructure-level roles, they will get notifications with user name and role for actions initiated by infrastructure admin users, if those actions pertain to their virtual datacenter.

  • The chat support widget for VDC manager users is disabled by default when creating a new virtual datacenter. For more details, see the following topic:

    Enabling the chat support widget