Replace the secondary interconnect in a DS-V3 configuration

Complete these steps to replace the secondary interconnect in a DS-V3 configuration.

Before you begin:

ThinkAgile Advantage Support: Request Support to retrieve the following interconnect settings from the Cloud Controller database:

Procedure performed by: customer or field service, Lenovo Support

  1. Configure the interconnect you are replacing outside of the stack environment.

    The default credentials are:

    • Username: manager

    • Password: ThinkAgileCP

  2. On the replacement interconnect, perform the following steps in Cloud Controller:
    1. Edit /etc/tacp/ to populate the entries based on settings gathered above (see Installation documents).
    2. Replace /etc/tacp/controller_uuid with the value from the database.
    3. Update /usr/share/tacp/datastore.sqlite using sqlite3 commands, with <DHCP_RANGE_START> and <DHCP_RANGE_END> representing values from the database:
      INSERT INTO property (name,value) VALUES ('DHCP_RANGE_START', '<DHCP_RANGE_START>');
      INSERT INTO property (name,value) VALUES ('DHCP_RANGE_END', '<DHCP_RANGE_END>');
  3. Redo any per customer custom configuration from the install journal.
  4. On the primary interconnect switch:
    1. Edit /etc/tacp/tacp-network-controller.conf and set peerServiceTag to the replacement interconnect’s serial number.
    2. Restart the Network Controller Services using the following command: > sudo service tacp-network-controller restart
  5. Replace the failed interconnect switch with the new interconnect, including the cabling. See Cabling a dual-interconnect configuration.
  6. Power on the replacement interconnect switch.