Replace the SD530 system board

Follow this procedure to replace the SD530 system board.

Procedure performed by: Solution administrator

To replace the SD530 system board from the ThinkAgile CP, perform these steps.

  1. Get the serial number and (optional) UUID information from Lenovo Cloud Controller.
  2. Remove the compute node from the D2 enclosure.
  3. Sign in to the primary interconnect through Support Mode or, if at a data center, using a method provided by the manufacturer. Sign in with user name admin and the password set during installation.
  4. Run the following command on the primary interconnect: sudo service tacp-network-controller restart.
  5. Follow the procedure at
  6. Insert the compute node back into the D2 enclosure.
  7. Wait 10 minutes and verify that the compute node is visible again in the web portal.