Remove the EIOM

Use this information to remove the EIOM.

Before you remove the EIOM:

  1. Place the node in maintenance mode.

  2. Power off all compute nodes and peripheral devices.

  3. Disengage all the compute nodes from the enclosure (see

  4. Disconnect the power cords and all external cables from the rear of the enclosure.

  5. If the cable management arm is installed, remove it (see

  6. Remove the shuttle (see and place it on a stable work surface.

Procedure performed by: customer or field service

Complete the following steps to remove the 10GbE cage (SFP+) model EIOM:

  1. Disconnect two cables from the EIOM.

    Ensure that you push the release latch only when disconnecting the signal cable.

  2. Turn the thumbscrews counterclockwise.
  3. Grasp and push the EIOM slightly towards the front side of the shuttle, and then lift the EIOM up to remove the EIOM from the shuttle.
    Figure 1. EIOM removal
    EIOM removal

The removal of the EIOM is now complete.

After the EIOM removal: