Remove the enclosure

Use this information to remove the storage enclosure.

Before removing the enclosure:

  1. Shut down the storage.

    1. Select Power off from the drop-down menu.

    2. Review the list of application instances that will be affected when the storage pool is powered off. Select Shut down or Force shut down for each instance.

    3. Click Continue.

  2. Locate and disconnect all the cables connected to the storage.


Disengage all latches, cable clips, release tabs, or locks on cable connectors before proceeding. Failing to release these items before removing the cables damages the cable connectors on the system board. Any damage to the cable connectors may require replacing the system board.

Procedure performed by: Solution administrator, customer or field service, ThinkAgile Advantage Support

To remove the enclosure, complete the following steps:

  1. Remove all the hot-swap drives from the enclosure and put them in a safe, static-protective place. See Removing a hot-swap drive.
  2. Remove both side covers on the enclosure by grasping and pulling out the bottom of the side cover, and then pulling it straight up.
    Figure 1. Side cover removal
    Image showing removal of the enclosure’s side cover
  3. Remove the M5 screws and thumbscrews on both sides used to fasten the storage enclosure. Keep the M5 screws for installing the new enclosure.
    Figure 2. Screws removal
    Image showing removal of screws from enclosure
  4. Slide the storage enclosure out of the rack along the rails and put it in a safe, static-protective place.
    Figure 3. Enclosure removal from rack
    Image showing removal of storage enclosure from rack
  5. Remove any of the following components that are installed on the enclosure and put them in a safe, static-protective place:

The removal of the storage enclosure is now complete.

After removing the enclosure: