Removing application instances from an application group

Infrastructure admin users and VDC manager users can remove application instances from an application group.

Complete the following steps to remove an application instance from an application group:

  1. Log in to the ThinkAgile CP Cloud Controller.
  2. In the left navigation menu of the ThinkAgile CP Cloud Controller, navigate to the virtual datacenter that contains the application group from which you want to remove instances. Then click the application group in the left navigation.
    Figure 1. Application group page
    Screen capture showing the navigation to the application group page
  3. Select the application instance or instances that will be removed from the application group.
    Figure 2. Selecting an application instance to remove
    Screen capture showing the selection of an instance.
  4. On the group actions menu, click Remove from group.
    Figure 3. Remove from application group option
    Screen capture showing the Remove from group option

    You can also choose to move the application instance to another existing group or to create a new application group into which to move the application instance.

The application instance is removed from the application group.

Note: The application instance itself still exists in the virtual datacenter. It is just removed from this particular application group.
Figure 4. Application group page with group removed
Screen capture showing the Application Group page with the application instance removed