Complete the OCP installation process

After completing the OCP installation process, you can establish access the web console.

Complete the following steps to complete the OCP installation process and access the OCP web console.

  1. Establish an SSH session with the Bastion instance.
  2. Run the following command to install and approve all OCP admin certificates:
    Note: You might have multiple Certificate Signing Requests (CSRs). Make sure that you run this command for all CSRs.
    $ ./oc get csr -o go-template='{{range .items}}{{if not .status}}{{}}{{"\n"}}{{end}}{{end}}' | xargs ./oc adm certificate approve

    Screen capture of the get csr command
  3. Run the following command to install the OpenShift cluster:
    $ ./openshift-install --dir=/root/ocp-44/install wait-for install-complete

    Screen capture of the OpenShiff-install command
  4. Run the following command to enable access to the cluster when using oc:
    $ export KUBECONFIG=/root/ocp-44/install/auth/kubeconfig

    Screen capture of the export KUBECONFIG command
  5. To access the OpenShift web console, use the URL that is listed in the results of the openshift-install command (Step 3).

    Screen capture of the OpenShift web console.

For more information about using Red Hat OCP, see the following website:

Note: You must have a Red Hat account to access the site.