A Quick Primer on ThinkAgile CP Abstractions

Understanding some of the main ThinkAgile CP concepts and abstractions will be useful to understanding how ThinkAgile CP security works.

We briefly describe these key abstractions first:
  • A migration zone (MZ) is a set of compute nodes among which an application (VM) may migrate. Compute nodes (and applications that run on these nodes) can be assigned categories and tags. Together, categories and tags are called compute constraints. An app will only be allowed to run on a node with the specified compute constraints, i.e. the specified category and specified tags.
  • Storage is grouped into storage pools (SPs) for administration purposes. Storage pools consist of storage blocks. A storage block is a pair of storage controllers and all storage accessed through those two storage controllers.
  • Finally, a Virtual Data Center (VDC), which is a pool of logical resources, is assigned to a tenant of the ThinkAgile CP Cloud Platform. The logical resources for a VDC may come from one or more MZs and one or more SPs. Applications (VMs) are provisioned inside VDCs.