Preparing for bare metal recovery with 1-Touch for Windows

Complete the following steps to prepare for bare metal recovery

You can download the ISO file from the Commvault Cloud Services Web site.

To perform 1-Touch Recovery operations using Version 10 backups, see the Commvault documentation: Upgrade Considerations for 1-Touch for Windows (V10 to V11).

Before You Begin

Download and Install 1-Touch ISO

  1. Go to the Commvault Store page on the Cloud Services Web site. On the Commvault Store page, the software media items are displayed.
  2. On the left side of the page, under the Version filter, click Installer.
  3. Click the Download button next to the software media that you want to download. For a list of available installation media, see Installation Media List.

    For example, to download the 1-Touch ISO application for 64-bit Windows computers, look for 1-Touch-Windows-x64.iso (Windows Live CD) with the latest service pack.

    The software media is downloaded to the location that you specified.
    • If you downloaded the Download Manager, you will see the application executable along with the checksum file.
    • If you downloaded a software disc, you will see the .iso image of the disc.
    • Mount the .iso using an appropriate software (for example, MagicISO). Then, use the software media from the mount location.
  4. Use the ISO image to boot the client by burning a live CD.