Power off the interconnect switch in an SS-V3 environment

This section covers the procedure to power off the interconnect switch in an SS-V3 environment.

Procedure performed by: Solution administrator

Execution: On hardware only (with exceptions for procedures dependencies)

Since inter-component communication is not possible while the interconnect is not operational, all hardware components and VMs must be shut down.

To power off the interconnect switch in an SS-V3 environment, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in as an infrastructure administration into the Cloud Controller portal.
  2. Navigate to Infrastructure > Hardware.
  3. Select the stack in the top tab. It lists all hardware connected to the interconnect switch.
  4. Perform the Shutting down the storage block procedure. This shuts off the storage block in the stack that you have selected, and will ask to shut down the VMs as well.
  5. Perform the Shutting off a compute node procedure to shut off the compute node in the selected stack.
  6. Sign in to the primary interconnect via Support Mode or, if at the data center, with a method provided by the manufacturer. The username is admin and the password is the one you set during the installation
  7. Execute the following command:

    > sudo shutdown -h now

The interconnect switch can now be unplugged safely.