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Planning and Installation


  • ThinkAgile CP Administrator’s Guide

    This guide provides information about using the ThinkAgile CP Cloud Controller web-based management console to manage the compute, storage, network and virtualization resources in your environment.

  • ThinkAgile CP Metering Manager User’s Guide

    The ThinkAgile CP Metering Manager provides an easy way for private cloud operators to keep track of how resources are being consumed by different organizations, as well as track users for planning, analytics, and billing purposes.

  • ThinkAgile CP Migration Manager User’s Guide

    The ThinkAgile CP Migration Manager application allows you to migrate existing VMware virtual machines (VMs) to ThinkAgile CP.

Hardware Maintenance

Technical Briefs

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery Technical Brief

    This technical brief describes the key backup and disaster recovery features and benefits within the ThinkAgile CP platform.

  • Clone and Attach Technical Brief

    This technical brief the clone and attach functionality for the ThinkAgile CP solution.

  • High Availability Technical Brief

    This technical brief describes the High-Availability (HA) Architecture of the ThinkAgile CP platform.

  • Oversubscription Technical Brief

    This technical brief describes oversubscription in ThinkAgile CP, which includes the various methods by which more resources than are available on the physical host can be assigned to the virtual machines (VMs) that host supports.

  • Security Technical Brief

    This technical brief describes the powerful security features in ThinkAgile CP, including role-based access control (RBAC), two-factor authentication, secure multi-tenancy, use of up-to-date and secure application templates, application-level micro-segmentation, and FIPS-compliant data-at-rest encryption, combined with a Security Development Lifecycle (SecDL) and regular penetration testing that is integrated into product development.

Quick Start Guides