Over the Air Updates

Over the Air (OTA) updates provide new functionality, bug fixes and security upgrades to the operating system running on the interconnect switches and the storage and compute blocks as part of the ThinkAgile CP solution.

OTA updates are used to upgrade various firmware components of the operating system. Considering the impact of the updates on the customer’s current workload, OTA updates represent a disruptive or a non-disruptive process.

Disruptive Updates

This type of updates impact the current workload by interrupting the normal operations of the ThinkAgile CP solution.

To complete the upgrade procedure, disruptive OTA updates may require the restart of the following ThinkAgile CP components:

Non-disruptive Updates

In contrast with disruptive updates, non-disruptive updates do not have any negative impact on the current workload. They can be performed without the need to restart compute or storage nodes, or virtual machines.

OTA Update Procedure

The customer is informed of any available OTA updates via an e-mail or Cloud Controller notifications. The customer is provided with the following information about the OTA update:

Generally, OTA updates are performed by Lenovo Support with minimal involvement from the customer. The customer works together with Lenovo Support to determine the best schedule and method to incorporate the OTA updates into their ThinkAgile CP solution.

To accommodate the needs of each individual customer, Lenovo Support analyzes the impact of the OTA update on the current workload. Then, alongside with the customer, they decide the best plan of action as to minimize the downtime of any valuable resources (such as compute nodes or VMs). They determine: