Obtain Migration Manager template and deploy the console

Follow these steps to obtain the Migration Manager template and deploy the Migration Manager console.


During the early release phase of Migration Manager, the templates are distributed as two qcow2 files via a URL where they can be downloaded for upload into ThinkAgile CP Cloud Controller via the Import VM function. You will need a CIFS or NFS share to stage these files for using the Import capability.

  1. Log on to your ThinkAgile CP Cloud Controller Management Portal account and navigate to the Lenovo Cloud Marketplace.
  2. Select the Migration Manager — Lenovo Template.
    Figure 1. Lenovo Cloud Marketplace — Migration Manager

    A dialog box opens. Click on the Download Template button to continue the process.

  3. Configure the template with the following parameters:
    • Save to — the target VDC (in this example: ACME Labs)


      If you do not select a VDC, the template is saved under Applications > Organization Templates.

    • Template Name — a custom name for the Migration Manager template

    • Description — a custom description for the Migration Manager template

    • Provisioning — allocate CPU cores and memory

    Figure 2. Download Template Options

  4. Click Save Application Template to start downloading the Metering Manager template.
  5. Navigate to Applications > Organization Templates or to VDC Templates for the VDC where you downloaded and saved the template.
  6. Next to ThinkAgile CP Metering Manager, click New Instance.
    Figure 3. Create a New Instance of the Metering Manager

  7. Configure the following parameters for the template instance:
    • Virtual Datacenter

    • Storage Pool

    • Compute Migration Zone

      Recommended settings for the application include:

      • Provisioning: Four (4) vCPUs and at least 4Gb RAM
    • Network Settings:

      • vNIC

      • Networking Mode

      • Network

  8. Click on Create Instance to launch a new Migration Manager instance.

    Recommended settings for the application include:

    • Instance Mode: Enhanced mode

      The Migration Manager application can be deployed anywhere in your ThinkAgile CP Cloud Controller environment, as long as the network connectivity outlined in the section, Before you begin, is available. Migration Manager Workers must be deployed in the same Storage Pool to which you want to migrate and deploy the target VMs.

  9. Click Create Instance, which starts the instance and assigns an IP address for the Migration Manager application.