Networking system limits

Use this information to determine system limits for a ThinkAgile CP interconnect switch.


Limit description

Number of VNETs that can be created

There is no limit to the number of VNETs that you can create for an Interconnect, as long as you have resources to create an NFV instance.


VNETs are represented by a 64-bit unsigned integer; theoretically, there can be 18 quintillion VNETs.

Number of VLANs that the interconnect switch supports

The interconnect switch can support 4,096 VLANs. However, there may be additional limitations based on the STP version you are running.

The ThinkAgile CP interconnect switch uses five VLANs internally:

  • MLAG peerlink Link VLAN (ports 49 and 50)

  • Hardware management network VLAN (port 47)

  • Uplink VLAN (port 48, but varies per customer basis)

  • Hypervisor VLAN (also used by the SAN) (port 1-44)

  • Switch out-of-band


An interconnect switch can support 64 instances of PVST+ (59 customer VLANs, excluding the five reserved internal VLANs described above). MSTP can support 16 instances.


You can create up to 64 NICs and have them all be in different VLANs.