Modify Hypervisor Network Settings

You can update ThinkAgile CP hypervisor network settings.


Interconnect switch network settings cannot be edited when connected storage blocks and compute nodes are powered on. To perform this procedure, you will first need to power off all storage blocks and compute nodes connected to the Interconnect.

After powering off the storage and compute blocks, complete the following steps to modify the hypervisor network settings:

  1. In ThinkAgile CP Cloud Controller, navigate to the Hardware page from the left navigation menu.
  2. Beside the Interconnect you want to edit, click the Action menu () and click Edit hypervisor network settings....
  3. In the Edit Network Interconnect Settings dialog box, make the required changes and click Save.
  4. Beside each storage block and compute node, click the Action menu and select Power on....
  5. After the storage block(s) power on, establish an SSH session with the each storage block. (The user is manager and the password is the password that was set when registering the hardware.)
  6. Run sudo su and re-enter the manager password to become root.
  7. Run /usr/share/tacp/install/
  8. Run systemctl restart tacp-storage-controller

    This will allow the storage block to obtain a new virtual IP address.