Migrating VMs from a compute node

This procedure explains how to migrate VMs running on a compute node and prevent the compute node from hosting new VMs.

Procedure performed by: Solution administrator; ThinkAgile Advantage Support (optional)

Execution: Web portal only

This procedure uses an in-product functionality called Maintenance Mode.

In a compute node action on the Hardware page in Cloud Controller, click Turn on Maintenance Mode. The system performs a sanity check and presents the VMs running on the compute node that need immediate action. Select Migrate. If a VM does not satisfy the requirements to move to another node (Migration Zone, Compute Categories and Tags, resources, etc.), migration is not possible and the restriction (tags) can be relaxed, or the VM must be shut down before being migrated to another node.

For best results and because of space limitations, VM owners should perform a proper shutdown within the VMs based on their application-specific shutdown procedures.