Manage quick DR backups

ThinkAgile CP supports quick disaster recovery (DR) backups. Quick DR backups can be saved to different storage pools.

In the ThinkAgile CP Cloud Controller, you need to allocate two or more storage pools to a virtual datacenter to make disaster recovery available for the application instances in that virtual datacenter. You will then be able to enable disaster recovery for individual application instances as needed.

A sophisticated capability called Clone and Attach is also provided, which allows you to clone a vDisk or a backup vDisk from one VM and attach it to the same or a second VM. The Clone and Attach function is fast and does not significantly impact storage consumption. For example, if you are running an SQL database in a VM, you can use this feature to clone and attach the database to a second VM where monthly or quarterly reporting can be run, without impacting user performance against the database.

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Clone and attach a vDisk

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