Log on to Migration Manager

Follow these steps to log on to Migration Manager.

  1. Once the Migration Manager application instance has been installed and is running, navigate to the IP address for your instance of the Migration Manager application.
    Figure 1. Locate IP Address for Migration Manager console

  2. Copy the IP address assigned to your Migration Manager Instance. Open a new web browser window or tab and paste the copied IP address. This opens a connection to the Migration Manager Instance.
  3. In the Login dialog box, enter the username and password and click Log in.

    The default credentials are:

    • Username: admin
    • Password: ThinkAgileCP
    Figure 2. Log on to Migration Manager


The application deploys with a ThinkAgile CP-provided, self-signed SSL certificate. If you would like to deploy your own certificate, contact Lenovo Support for assistance (see Getting help and technical assistance).

If this is the first time that you are logging on the Migration Manager:
  1. click I accept the terms of this agreement. Then click Continue.

  2. Enter a new password. Then click Change my password.

  3. You are redirected directly to the Settings page.