Interconnect switch does not boot - out of disk space

The interconnect does not boot after running out of disk space.

The partition for the root filesystem (/) on the Interconnect has limited space. ThinkAgile CP software is careful to use storage space sparingly and leaves about 300MB free after installation.

If you encounter this issue, follow these steps to recover your Interconnect:

  1. Connect to the interconnect switch using the console cable. For more details, see Connecting to the console port of an interconnect switch.
  2. Reload the Interconnect and boot into ONIE Rescue mode.
  3. Mount the main partition by executing the following commands:

    mkdir /mnt/picosmount /dev/sda5/mnt/picos

  4. Determine which files and directories are taking up the space.

    You can use the following commands:

    df -hTdu -ch

  5. Delete the files or move them to the larger /tmp/ partition as follows:

    mount /dev/sda7 /mnt/tmpmv /mnt/picos/home/manager/* /tmp/manager/

  6. Unmount the main filesystem by executing the following commands:

    umount /mnt/picosumount /mnt/tmp

  7. Reload the interconnect switch.