Interconnect switch configuration considerations

This section covers the interconnect switch settings to consider during the ThinkAgile CP solution planning.

Determine the following settings before installing the interconnect switch in the ThinkAgile CP stack.

Table 1. Interconnect switch configuration considerations

Setting name

Setting options

DNS Name Server

Primary DNS Name Server: (dns_primary_nameserver)

Secondary DNS Name Server: (dns_secondary_nameserver)

NTP Server

Primary NTP Sever: (primary_ntp_server)

Secondary NTP Server: (secondary_ntp_server)

Host Name

Primary Host Name: hostname_primary

Secondary Host Name: hostname_secondary

Interconnect Topology Configuration

For more information about the interconnect configuration topologies, see the sections related to connecting to a customer data center network in the ThinkAgile CP Hardware Installation Guide. The following customer interconnect configuration types are supported:

  • Single interconnect (single-direct link, dual-direct link, or LAG direct link)

  • Dual interconnect (X-Link Option 1, X-Link Option 2A, or X-Link Option 2B)


  • Option1 (create single MLAG across all uplink ports)

  • Option2 (create two MLAG ports out of all uplink ports)

Specify the value for the INTERCONNECT_CONFIG variable in the ThinkAgile CP Deployment Guide.


For a single Interconnect, you must select Option1.