Hot-swap drive installation preparations

This section covers information about the preparations required before installing a storage block hot-swap drive.


Before you begin the drive installation procedure, it is very important to read the following list of questions and answers.


Do not skip this section, even if you have read it earlier, as answers may change or more questions may be added to the list.

Do the drives need to be prepared before they can be added to the storage enclosure?

Yes. Refer to the Preparing the drives section.

Can I prepare the drives on the storage enclosure where I want to add the disks?


How many drives I can install at a time?

You can add as many drives as needed. The current capacity of the storage enclosure is 24 drives. The only requirement is that you must add drives in sets of eight (8).

Can the drives be of different capacity than the drives already present?


Should all drives have the same firmware level?



To check the drive firmware level, use the following command and check the values in the FW Rev column:

$ nvme list

How do I upgrade the firmware?

Contact Lenovo Support to verify the necessary firmware levels or information about updating firmware for the ThinkAgile CP solution.

Can drives from different vendors be mixed?