Software upgrades

ThinkAgile CP has a software push upgrade capability, therefore, most of our upgrades to new releases of our software can be done remotely and non-disruptively. In some cases, the upgrade will require maintenance windows, but this still can be done remotely.

In rare instances, such as when the disk format or switch configuration changes, the upgrade will be performed on-site as a service offering. Firmware upgrades (for example, BIOS) will be done manually, but most can still be done with minimal disruption, since we have HA across storage, network and hypervisor, as described below. For example, if a compute node needs to be brought down to apply a firmware update, VMs running on that compute node will be migrated to another compute node and migrated back after the update is applied.1

We support rolling software upgrades. All nodes in a migration zone can be updated to a new release of software, while other migration zones remain at the previous release.

1 Please see our other companion technical brief, Resource Reservation in ThinkAgile CP, on how to make sure adequate resources have been reserved to ensure the migrated VMs have enough resources to run on one of the other nodes.