What is ThinkAgile CP?

ThinkAgile CP is a private cloud with a premium experience. ThinkAgile CP brings the power of the cloud to the datacenter in an easy-to-use, on-premises cloud platform that automatically provides high performance resources for all types of applications and high performance workloads. As a truly composable cloud platform, ThinkAgile CP combines storage, network, compute, and virtualization components, managed via an integrated and intelligent operating system that gives you unprecedented insight and control over your resources.

ThinkAgile CP is ready for use out of the box. With a premium implementation, deployment, operations, and management experience, ThinkAgile CP is easy, powerful, and able to accelerate your applications – supporting business initiatives and better outcomes. The platform operates free of any hardware-specific dependencies and is programmatically extensible.

How do I purchase it?

ThinkAgile CP is sold either directly, through an OEM partner or a CSP/MSP. It is sold as a complete platform and includes all pre-validated application templates in the Lenovo Cloud Marketplace, the web-based Cloud Controller, networking, storage and compute blocks. The platform includes an API for the creation and re-factoring of applications so they can be made cloud-native, or you can also use your own licensed products.