Storage block

ThinkAgile CP Storage provides the application and data storage layer of the ThinkAgile CP platform. It combines the benefits of the network layer with the benefits of all-flash storage capacity for advanced resource pooling, elasticity, accelerated application performance and service delivery.

The storage block is driven by our storage virtualization software. It simplifies storage management by eliminating clusters, the need to set up RAID groups, export LUNs, or set up multi-pathing (drop or set up clustering). Unlike storage virtualization approaches based on shared file systems (for instance, VMware VMFS), we provide high-performance shared direct block access. Enterprise-grade storage functionality includes thin provisioning, local and quick DR backups, cloning, and integrated asynchronous replication.

ThinkAgile CP Storage also includes integrated replication, recovery, and archiving capabilities needed to maintain business continuity, web and database services as well as legal compliance.

For monitoring and maintaining performance predictability of running workloads, users can specify QoS limits for IOPS and bandwidth for individual application instances. These limits are set when creating an application instance from an installer or by modifying the properties of an instance.

For more information about setting IOPS and bandwidth, see the following topic:

Manage storage