Interconnect switch

The ThinkAgile CP platform consists of the ThinkAgile CP interconnect switch that connects the Cloud Controller to your environment.

In the ThinkAgile CP platform, the interconnect switch is essentially the control point for the on-premises cloud infrastructure, or the “brains” of the infrastructure. It manages all north/south and east/west traffic within the ThinkAgile CP infrastructure without impacting your current environment. The ThinkAgile CP interconnect switch decouples control, data, and management traffic into different planes. This allows ThinkAgile CP to deliver predictable performance that scales linearly between compute and storage. Built-in micro-segmentation functionality allows you to control communication and security between applications with a few clicks.

The ThinkAgile CP Interconnect is driven by our simpler, smarter and open-standards based network virtualization software that is 50 times faster than other network virtualization solutions available today. ThinkAgile CP networking includes both network overlay virtualization and network function virtualization (NFV). To maximize secure performance, ThinkAgile CP NFV includes distributed switching, routing, and firewall software. Customers can deploy custom NFV instances to extend these capabilities to include NAT and load balancing. The micro-segmentation and distributed firewalls allow ThinkAgile CP to attach firewall policies by virtual network, significantly improving the overall security of the system.

For more information about ordering cables, line cords, or transceivers, see the following website:

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