How does ThinkAgile CP work?

The ThinkAgile CP was designed to simplify implementation, deployment, operations, and maintenance of cloud resources, enabling IT staff to be innovative and to accelerate time-to-market and time-to-value for your business.

ThinkAgile CP incorporates the advantages of public, private, and hybrid cloud models into one software appliance. The platform contains the following software-defined components:

The ThinkAgile CP hardware is cloud-managed completely via the ThinkAgile CP Cloud Controller, which makes it easy to build, manage, and monitor your cloud from any web browser. After installing the tightly integrated hardware components, you can connect to the Cloud Controller to provision, manage, and control your hardware. When the units are powered on, the Cloud Controller automatically detects and enables high-speed connectivity between them. You can then create and manage virtual datacenters and related applications.

Figure 1. The Cloud Controller manages all hardware
Screenshot of the ThinkAgile CP Cloud Controller Hardware overview page

Because it is a composable platform, ThinkAgile CP grows easily and cost-effectively. Compute and storage hardware are separate nodes in the platform, so you only need to purchase and add resources as needed. Since there is nothing to configure on-site, and the ThinkAgile CP Cloud Controller automatically detects new resources, adding new compute, storage, and network resources takes seconds. ThinkAgile CP can scale network, compute, and storage resources independently as your application demands change in real time and without downtime.