How do I access and use ThinkAgile CP?

Lenovo works with you to collect site survey information and then ship the platform on-site, ready for a certified technician to perform a white-glove deployment. The physical delivery, implementation, and deployment take less than a day. The actual system setup takes less than an hour. The necessary datacenter connectivity information is collected prior to installation to avoid any delays in deployment.

Out of the box, the ThinkAgile CP platform provides all the hardware and software you need for your on-premises cloud:

  1. After simple installation and setup of the hardware, you can provision, manage, and control the network, compute, and storage hardware via the ThinkAgile CP Cloud Controller, which is accessible via a web browser.

  2. You easily build and deploy applications within ThinkAgile CP Cloud Controller. You can create your own application templates based on existing virtual machines (VMs) residing on the cloud. Or you can use the Lenovo Cloud Marketplace. It is available for free and provides a one-click download of popular, published applications for immediate deployment.

  3. You deploy application instances in your virtual datacenters, and you can easily allocate resources into multiple virtual datacenters as needed.

  4. You can easily monitor and manage your cloud infrastructure from within ThinkAgile CP Cloud Controller.

APIs are also available to enable application orchestration and customized management and make it easier to perform complex bulk actions. ThinkAgile CP Web Services provide API access to the platform, including access to virtual datacenter and infrastructure resources. They are helpful for creating resizable resources, managing workloads, and retrieving information about the underlying infrastructure.

For more information about the Web Services API, see the following topic:

ThinkAgile CP Web Services API