Enable Maintenance Mode

This section covers the procedure to enable maintenance mode for compute blocks.

Complete the following steps to enable Maintenance Mode for a compute block:

  1. Log into your ThinkAgile CP portal.
  2. From the left menu select Hardware.
  3. Navigate to the Compute Block section.
  4. Click the Screen capture of the Actions menu icon button next to the desired node and select Turn on maintenance mode....
    Figure 1. Enable Maintenance Mode for a Node
    Image showing how to turn on maintenance mode for a compute or storage node
  5. If there are any application instances currently running on the compute node, you must select an action for each instance from the Action Plan drop-down menu and then click Continue:
    • Migrate

    • Remove constraints and migrate

    • Shut down

    • Force shutdown

    Figure 2. Maintenance Mode dialog box
    Image showing the dialog box when there are running applications on the compute node
  6. If the system encounters any errors when resolving the selected actions, a pop-up box appears with information about the errors.

    The errors must be resolved to turn on Maintenance Mode.

Maintenance Mode for the selected compute node is now enabled.