Delete a local backup

You can delete a local backup.

  • You cannot delete the initial local backup that was created when the VM instance was created from a template.

  • If an external backup exists for the latest local backup, you cannot delete the local backup (even if you disable external backups). Instead, you must first delete the external backup before deleting the latest local backup.

Complete the following steps to delete a local backup:

  1. Log in to the ThinkAgile CP Cloud Controller as an infrastructure admin or VDC manager user.
  2. Navigate to the details page for your application instance, and click the Backups tab.
  3. Click the action menu (Backups page action menu) for the local backup that you want to delete. Then click Delete.
    Figure 1. Delete a local backup
    Screen capture showing the Delete option of the actions menu for a local backup
  4. Choose whether to delete this local backup or all versions of this backup.
    Figure 2. Backup delete options
    Screen capture showing the list of options available when you click Delete for a local backup.
    Choose from the following options:
    • All instances for this backup. If you have a local backup, a quick DR backup, and a external backup, this option deletes all versions of this backup. However, quick DR backups must be disabled before the backups can be deleted.

    • Local backup. Delete the selected backup.

    • The quick DR backup option is available only if a quick DR backup exists.

      For more information about quick DR backups, see the following topic:

      Manage quick DR backups

    • The external backup option is available only if an external backup exists.

      For more information about external backups, see the following topic:

      Manage external backups

  5. In the confirmation dialog box, click Delete.

The local backup might take a few minutes to delete. While it is being deleted a red x will appear next to the icon. When the local backup has been deleted, the local backup icon will no longer be bold for this application instance. Quick DR backup or external backup copies are not affected.

Figure 3. Backups table with local backup icon removed
Screen capture showing the results of deleting a local backup