Create a VNET

Create a VNET before configuring a custom NFV instance.

Complete the following steps to create a VNET:

  1. Log in to the ThinkAgile CP Cloud Controller as an infrastructure manager user.
  2. In the left navigation, click + Create New > New VNET.

    Alternatively, in the left navigation, you can expand Networks and click Networks > New Network > New VNET.

  3. Enter the following values (based on Figure 1):
    • VNET Name: VNET-ID-01
    • Network Address:
    • Netmask:
    • Default Gateway:
  4. For Network Services, select Manual.
  5. Click Create VNET.
    Figure 1. Create a VNET Example
    Screenshot showing the New VNET creation page
  6. On the Networks page, click the newly created VNET, VNET-ID-01.
  7. Click the Assigned Virtual Datacenters tab.
  8. Click Assign Virtual Datacenters. The Assign Virtual Datacenters dialog box opens.
  9. Select a virtual datacenter and click Assign (VDC-test is used for this example).
    Figure 2. The Assign Virtual Datacenters dialog box
    Image showing the Assign Virtual Datacenters dialog box