Create a Custom NFV Appliance in ThinkAgile CP

A virtual network (VNET) in ThinkAgile CP enables application instances to migrate seamlessly among compute nodes without changing networking configurations.

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Infrastructure admin users can create a VNET through the ThinkAgile CP Cloud Controller. The VNET manages all DHCP, Routing, and DNS services via an auto-deployed apCuplication instance called the network function virtualization (NFV) instance. There is one NFV instance per VNET. This NFV instance acts like any application instance in your cloud infrastructure. It resides in a virtual datacenter, consuming migration zone and storage pool resources. The instance uses the gateway IP address for your VNET.

When requirements demand different functionality than the auto-deployed NFV appliance provides, it is possible to create a custom appliance. At a minimum the custom NFV must be able to route traffic from the VNET (inside) to the outside VLAN or VNET to which the NFV is connected.


Make sure that you meet the following prerequisites before continuing:

Example Topology

Details for this example include:

Figure 1. Example network settings for an NFV appliance
Graphic showing network settings for NFV appliance