Authorize Token

First, you need to authorize your API token.


You can obtain a token for your account in the ThinkAgile CP Cloud Controller management portal under Developer Options. See this topic for instructions: Manage developer options.

  1. Once you have your token, click the Authorize button on the main page.(It will show an unlocked icon, meaning there are no authorizations provided yet.)
    Figure 1. Web Services API

  2. In the Available Authorizations dialog box, add your token in the following format, Bearer my_token, where my_token is your API token, and then click Authorize.
    Figure 2. Enter and authorize your token

    After you click Authorize you should see the Available Authorizations dialog box.

    Figure 3. Authorized token

On the main API documentation page, you should see that the authorization is added as noted with a locked icon. Since the authorization has been provided, you can now successfully make API requests.