Install a compute node

This procedure describes how to add a compute node to your ThinkAgile CP configuration.

Procedure performed by: Customer or field service

To add a compute node to your ThinkAgile CP configuration, perform the following steps:

  1. Physically install the compute node in the compute enclosure and power it on.
  2. Launch the Cloud Controller and register the compute nodes. All compute and storage hardware assets connected to the network interconnect(s) are displayed on the Hardware page in the Cloud Controller and are ready for registration.
  3. In the Cloud Controller dashboard, select Hardware from the left menu.
  4. On the node that you want to register, click Register. The Register Node page displays.
  5. In the Node Name field, enter a unique name for the compute node.
  6. In the Administrator Password field, enter a password for the compute node’s manager account.
  7. In the Compute Category drop-down, select a compute category from the list.

    A compute category is a descriptor of nodes. Each node must belong to exactly one compute category.


    If you do not intend to create multiple compute categories, you should use the provided Default category for all nodes.

  8. (Optional) In the Compute Tags field, specify compute tags.

    Compute tags are additional information that can be applied to nodes. While each node must belong to exactly one category, a node may have any number of tags. The Cloud Controller uses tags to match application resource constraints and available nodes. An application instance with compute tag constraints can only run on nodes that have all those compute tags.

  9. In the Migration Zone drop-down, assign the node to a migration zone from the list.

    In the Cloud Controller, compute resources (nodes) are organized into migration zones. A node must be added to a migration zone for it to host application instances. Migration zones act as boundaries around a set of nodes. Applications can migrate among nodes within a migration zone, but cannot migrate to nodes outside of the migration zone.

    To create a migration zone:

    1. In the Migration Zone drop-down, select New migration zone....
    2. Enter a name for the migration zone.
    3. Click Create.
  10. Click Register Node to complete registration.
  11. Repeat this process to register all remaining nodes.