Deploying a vSAN cluster with the VX deployer

The ThinkAgile VX Deployer is supported on all ThinkAgile VX Series Appliances. For ThinkAgile VX Series Appliances with ESXi, version 7.0 Update 2 or later, the VX Deployer is pre-loaded on the appliance in manufacturing.

Note: The ThinkAgile VX Deployer is not supported on ThinkAgile VX Certified Nodes.

Complete the following steps to deploy a ThinkAgile VX Series vSAN cluster using the VX Deployer.

Task Description
Preparing for the deployment
  • Review disk configuration considerations.

  • Fill out the deployment worksheet.

  • Install the hardware in a rack.

  • Cable the network.

  • Configure DNS entries for the cluster.

Deploying the cluster
  • Set up the VX Deployer.

  • Run the VX Deployer to deploy the vSAN cluster.

  • Validate the cluster deployment.

Known issues

The ThinkAgile VX Deployer, Version 1.0.0, has the following known issues:
  • Certain special characters cannot be used in XCC, vCenter, ESXi, or LXCI passwords. These special characters include:
    • Backslash

    • Single quotes

    • Double quotes

  • Occasionally, changing the XCC password might not work, even if the password is a valid password. The work around for this issue is to ensure that the password is valid and attempt to change it again.