vSAN cluster deployment

The following table describes the process that can be used to deploy a ThinkAgile VX cluster. If you are deploying ThinkAgile VX Appliances that have ESXi, version 7.0 Update 2 or later, you can use the ThinkAgile VX Deployer. Otherwise, you can manually deploy the cluster.

Offerings Model Deployment method View document
VX Appliances
  • VX2320

  • VX3320

  • VX3520-G

  • VX5520

  • VX7320-N

  • VX7520

  • VX5575 IS

  • VX7575 IS

  • VX3575-G IS

Using the ThinkAgile VX deployer HTML pages | PDF

All other models

Manual deployment HTML pages | PDF
VX Certified Nodes

All models


For assistance in the deployment of a vSAN cluster on ThinkAgile VX systems, contact Lenovo Support.