Update the ThinkAgile SXM OEM Extension Package

These topics detail the process of applying an OEM Extension Package update to a running ThinkAgile SX for Microsoft Azure Stack Hub (SXM) solution. The OEM Extension Package is the construct provided by Microsoft that contains device drivers for all components in the Azure Stack Hub nodes. As such, it is designed to work with the system firmware from a ThinkAgile SXM Best Recipe. This is why the OEM Extension Package is listed in each Best Recipe.

OEM Extension Packages are contained in a zip archive with the following name format:

OEMv<x>_SXMBR<yyyy> where <x> is either “2.1” or “2.2” and yyyy is the Best Recipe version for which it is intended.

To prepare for updating the OEM Extension Package, download the appropriate zip archive from the repository.

The high-level activities associated with updating the OEM Extension Package are:

Microsoft recommends keeping Azure Stack Hub running at the latest available version.