Troubleshooting ThinkAgile SXM issues

This documentation describes the diagnostic tools and troubleshooting information that are available to help you solve problems that might occur in ThinkAgile SXM solutions.

This documentation refers to the following products:

Product Machine Type Model
SXM4200 – 25U 9565 RCC
SXM4200 – 42U 9565 RCD
SXM6200 (42U only) 9565 RCE
SXM4400 – 25U 9565 RCH
SXM4400 – 42U 9565 RCJ
SXM6400 (42U only) 9565 RCK

Product Machine Type and Model

The Machine Type for the ThinkAgile SXM is 9565. See the table above for the specific Model. Note that the product designation (for example, SXM4200) is not the Model.

Finding information and help

See Finding information and help for links to documentation and other resources that can assist in issue resolution.

Product serial number

For ThinkAgile SXM solutions that are shipped in a rack, the entire solution is entitled at the rack level, based on the rack Machine Type 9565 and its serial number. For ThinkAgile SXM solutions that are integrated into a customer-supplied rack, the solution is also entitled at the rack level, based on Machine Type 7Y34 and a derived “virtual rack serial number” that is created for each customer order.

If you need support for these solutions or any of their components or included software, be sure to use your rack Machine Type and serial number. If you use an individual component (server or switch) serial number, ThinkAgile Advantage Support might not immediately recognize the correct entitlement, which could delay proper case handling.

For scale unit nodes that are added after the original deployment (i.e. expansion nodes), support entitlement is based on the individual component (server or switch) serial numbers.

Getting support

See Working with service and support for specific details about engaging Lenovo Support.