Updated CNOS command syntax

With the release of Lenovo switch firmware CNOS v10.7.1.0, several CLI command keywords have changed for consistency.

The left table column shows the keyword used in CNOS versions 10.6.x and earlier. The right column shows the updated keyword used in CNOS versions 10.7.x and later.

Previous CLI Keyword New CLI Keyword
configure device configure terminal
routing-protocol router
bridge-port switchport
port-aggregation port-channel
aggregation-group channel-group
cancel abort
startup boot
remove clear
cp copy
apply set
display show
save write
dbg debug

Beginning with CNOS v10.7.1.0, the NOS advertised only new formats (end-user documentation, help strings, and so on). However, the NOS accepts and processes both old and new formats for a limited time. Therefore, the new NOS images contain messages that the old format will be deprecated in a future release.

Also note that although CNOS v10.7.1.0 and later accepts and processes old CLI commands, the information display shows only the new syntax. For example, any “routing-protocol” settings now display in the “router” section when looking at the switch running or startup configurations.

The information in a saved configuration file is not affected and remains intact with the old commands. To store the commands in a file in the new format, after reloading the switch to the v10.7.1.0 or later image, you must explicitly run save/write for each TOR switch.

Copy the newly saved configuration from all switches to the HLH for future reference. In addition, if XClarity Administrator v2.1 or later is installed and configured to manage the switches, back up all switch configurations using XClarity Administrator.